MasterCard Platinum Credit Card

MasterCard Platinum Credit Card

A card reserved for those who seek a world of privileges and special attention to enjoy the luxuries of life and comfort. MasterCard Platinum Credit Card from The Saudi Investment Bank offers many exclusive services, convenience and a wide variety of offers designed to complement your lifestyle. Whether you are travelling, shopping, hosting dinner or even renovating your home, MasterCard Platinum Credit Card from The Saudi Investment Bank is your ideal solution.




  • Customer’s age must range between 18-65 years
  • Customer must have an account with SAIB
  • Customer must be employed, self-employed, retired, or average balance accountholders

Note: The Bank reserves the right to accept or reject an application based on the policy in place at the time of the request


  • Filled and signed Credit Card Application form
  • A valid National ID for Saudis
  • Salary certificate
  • 3-month bank statement
  • Copy of ID for potential supplementary cardholder
  • Valid commercial registration for self-employed along with 12-month bank statement


Annual Fees Free*
Supplementary Card Fees Free
Tawarruq Profit Rate 2.49%
Card Replacement Fees SAR 100
Late Payment Fees SAR 100
Cash Advance Fees SAR 75
PIN Mailer Re-issuance Fees SAR 40
Dispute Fees (False Disputes) SAR 50
Additional Statement Fees SAR 40
Foreign Currency Mark-up 2.75%
Minimum Payment Due 5% or SAR 100 (Whichever is higher)

*All new cards issued after December 15th will have no annual fees.




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An example of information that will be obtained when applying for a product
Profit margin % 2.49
Minimum payment amount % 5
APR % 39.70
The period required to pay the full balance (Years) 7

*The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) may differ based on the amount and maturity period.

Product Risks

To view the Credit Cards product risks, click here


How long does it take to receive my SAIB credit card?

Maximum of 7 business days from the approval date.

How do I know the status of my credit card application?

To check the status of your application, please call 800 124 8000 (if within the Kingdom), or +966 11 418 3100 (if overseas).

Will I receive my credit card and the PIN together?

For your security, you will first receive the card separately, and then you will receive the PIN after.

How can I activate my credit card?

You can activate your card through our Internet Banking “Flexx Click”, the Mobile Application “Flexx Touch”, or by calling 800 124 8000 (if within the Kingdom), or +966 11 418 3100 (if overseas). 

What are the airports lounges that MasterCard Platinum Credit Cardholders can access for free?

To know more about the airport lounges subscribed to the program, please visit: or download “MasterCard For You” Application.

What happens if I lose my card or if my card is stolen and how can I request a replacement card?

In case of loss or theft of your card, immediately call 800 124 8000 (if within the Kingdom), or +966 11 418 3100 (if overseas) to block your card and request a replacement card to be sent to you within 5-7 business days. You will also receive a new PIN for the new card. Your credit card will be inactive until you activate it again.

If my credit card expires this month, how can I get a new card?

We will send you a renewed credit card at least 2-4 weeks before the expiry date. If you do not receive a new credit card during that period, please call 800 124 8000 (if within the Kingdom), or +966 11 418 3100 (if overseas).

Are my online transactions secured?

All transactions done online using SAIB MasterCard are supported by MasterCard SecureCode security feature.

Can I set a credit limit for the supplementary cards that I have?

Yes, you can set any limit you want (within the primary card limit) by calling 800 124 8000 (if within the Kingdom), or +966 11 418 3100 (if overseas) or visiting any of SAIB branches.

What are the available channels to pay my outstanding balance on the credit card?

You can pay through the following convenient channels:

  • SAIB Branches
  • E-channels: Flexx Click or Flexx Touch
  • Direct debit from your SAIB account
  • Phone Banking Flexx Call

How can I know the WooW points earned using my card?

You can use WooW calculator to know more about the points earned by choosing the type of transaction, and the number of points earned will appears. click here to use the calculator.