Aseel FAQ's

Aseel FAQ's

Aseel FAQ's

What is the “Aseel” program?

It is one of SAIB’s loyalty programs which offers you instant discounts and deals at more than 250 partners kingdom wide.

Who are the “Aseel” program partners and how can I familiarize myself with them?

The partners of the “Aseel” program are diverse and can be found on The Saudi Investment Bank website, SAIB Flexx application, Social Media Channels or through “Aseel” brochures available in our branches.

Is it required to open an account to benefit from the “Aseel” program?

Yes and to be issued with a SAIB card.

Is it mandatory to transfer your salary to benefit from the “Aseel” program?


Do these offers have a validity period?

Yes, there is a validity per offer mentioned under the respective terms and conditions of each partner.

How to communicate with the “Aseel” Loyalty support team in case of any inquiries?

You can communicate with the Loyalty support team by calling the toll free number: 8001248000

Does the customer have the right to get a discount from the same merchant more than once?


In case the customer does not get the discount, what should he/she do?

He/she can submit a formal complaint to the customer care unit by calling the toll free number: 8001248000 within 14 days.

How can the client know the expiry date of the offer?

All offer details are available on the SAIB website and in case the offer expires, it will be removed from the website.

Are there any adverts in the partner stores that communicate the discount to SAIB customers?

Yes, every partner has a paper holder that communicates the “Aseel” offer, and there is also an “Aseel” sticker on the door of each participating partner.

Which categories of partners are available in the “Aseel” program?

Restaurants, travel and tourism, shopping, lifestyle and others offering a wide range of services.

Are SAIB customers entitled to an additional discount with SAIB cards if the partner has an ongoing promotion?

No, the “Aseel” discount does not apply if the partner has an ongoing promotion.

Is there a minimum purchase amount required in order to benefit from the “Aseel” offers?


Is it mandatory to go to the branch in order to register for “Aseel”?


Is the percentage of discount unified across all partners?

No, each partner has a specific discount percentage and all discounts are available on the SAIB website, SAIB Flexx application and our Social Media Channels.

Will there be a charge to register for “Aseel”?

No, it is a free service.

How can I benefit from the “Aseel” program?

By paying with your mada Debit Card from The Saudi Investment Bank or credit card.

Can the customer benefit from the “Aseel” program if he/she has financial obligations such as a loan or credit card?


Can the customer benefit from the “Aseel” Program by paying in installments?

No, installment type payments are excluded

What differentiates this program from other loyalty programs?

“Aseel” is the only program that offers you instant discounts with the use of any mada Debit Card from The Saudi Investment Bank or credit card and facilitates locating partners thanks to the SAIB Flexx application.

Which SAIB cards are included in the program?

All SAIB credit and mada Debit Cards from The Saudi Investment Bank.

How long does it take to benefit from the discount?

It is instant, immediately during the purchase transaction.

In case of not updating your account information due to the expiry of your ID or Iqama, can you benefit from the “Aseel” program?

No, because your card, which is linked to your account, will not be active. Please ensure that you visit your nearest branch to update all you latest information.

Can take the discount amount in cash?


Are there certain dates or seasons when I cannot benefit from the “Aseel” discount program?

Yes and they are mentioned under the terms and conditions.