Woow Al Khair

Woow Al Khair

In line with our Sustainability Strategy to connect deeply with our stakeholders : The convergence of the need for banking solutions that are associated with both cultural values and religious beliefs, and local and national challenges, means that even simple sustainability-oriented banking solutions can and should surprise, delight and connect deeply with customers.

This requires added emphasis on the broad application of cultural / Islamic values that goes beyond limited perspectives on the boundaries and applications of Islamic finance. SAIB’s sustainability framework, unique in the Arab region and based on Islamic values, is the foundation for this element.

One of our five sustainability pillar ‘Awn” which means to help others and offer what you can to others lead to the introduction of the Woow Al Khair program, allowing our customers to themselves to help by donating their WooW points to a number of partner Charities and Associations namely :

  1. Ehsan
  2. Furijat

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