Cash Deposit Card “FLEXX CASH IN”

Cash Deposit Card “FLEXX CASH IN”

Cash Deposit Card “FLEXX CASH IN”

The features you need to know:

Real-time Cash Deposit

Real-time cash deposit at any time through group of The Saudi Investment Bank ATMs

Deposit Enabled Only

Cards are deposit enabled only with PIN code for each card

Flexible daily deposit limit for each account

Multiple cards can be issued per customer

Cash deposit process is now convenient and fast with the cash deposit card from The Saudi Investment Bank, the new deposit only card that is linked to your business account can be used only for depositing cash in ATMs and receiving a receipt about the deposit made.
Let your employees deposit cash throughout the day at a large group of The Saudi Investment Bank ATMs, deposits slips or envelopes are never needed. The card can be issued to authorized signers or other employees at the request of an authorized signer on the business accounts.



Immediate deposit slip confirmation showing deposited amount only

Service Benefits

  • Save waiting and service times at branches
  • Easy and convenient cash deposit process
  • Free of charge
Please make sure you have the following requirements:

Eligibility Criteria

  • An account with The Saudi Investment Bank
  • Fill and submit deposit card application

Charges and minimum required balance

This service is offered free of charge.

Terms & Conditions

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To learn more about The Saudi Investment Bank Deposit Card and how it can benefit your business, please contact us at Flexx Call: 800 124 8000 or Visit any one of our branches or contact your Relationship Manager. 

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