EDUPAY Student Card

EDUPAY Student Card

The Saudi Investment Bank offers EduPay Student Card especially tailored for universities to facilitate paying allowances to students electronically through the prepaid EduPay Student Card. The program is designed to provide a comprehensive solution that covers the end to end processes from uploading the students’ allowances and provide the necessary services to the cardholders.


For the university:

Cost effective way to manage payroll

Eliminate cost involved in cheques printing and cost involved in payroll distributions and reconciliation

Easy and timely payroll

No need to visit branches or stand in long queues to withdraw cash from the counter or ATMs. You can now process paying your students’ allowances with a click of a button

Automated and effective financial management through our Internet Banking

No more manual work, the entire process is now automated to serve the university in the most efficient manner

Fast and convenient transactions

Instead of spending extended time to process payments, universities can now complete the process in a very short period

Reduce paperwork

Environment friendly process. No need for paperwork anymore. It is all online

Reduce risks involved with cash and cheque fraud

No more risks involved in any potential fraud that can arise during the cash/cheque payment process

Boost student productivity

Students can now spend more productive hours instead of leaving during university hours to go and cash cheques

For the student:

Immediate credit of funds

No need to wait for salaries to be manually distributed

No need to stand in long queues to cash cheques

Saves you time, cost and effort to visit banks to cash cheques

SMS notification for each transaction

Get additional security with free SMS alerts for every transaction made on your card to provide you with more comfort, security and protection

Online access to view the card account

You can access your card account online to view your account details and make online remittance

Free unlimited PoS purchase transactions from any merchant within the Kingdom

Cardholders can now use their cards for any PoS transaction within The Kingdom with most comfort and ease

Free cash withdrawal from SAIB ATMs

Cardholders can now use their cards to withdraw cash from SAIB ATMs for free with most comfort and ease for their daily expenses

Mini-statement option through SAIB ATMs

Cardholders can view their mini-statements through SAIB ATMs to help them track their expenses

Chip-and-PIN card safety feature

The card is secured with a Chip-and-PIN safety feature giving more comfort to the cardholder during financial transactions

Safer than carrying cash

Cardholders can avoid carrying large amounts of cash that can expose them to theft or robbery

Dedicated easypay Call Center to help you

Cardholders can contact easypay Call Center on 8001000101 to inquire about their card account and any other related inquiry


  • University must be registered under the Ministry of Education
  • University must open a master account with SAIB or chooses to use any corporate account in case of existing SAIB client
  • An agreement must be signed between the university and SAIB for salary processing
  • University must its student’s data in an electronic format to SAIB
  • SAIB performs the KYC (Know Your Customer) on the students and issue the EduPay Student Cards to them
  • University transfers the salaries online through SAIB Corporate Internet Banking and SAIB uploads the salaries on the EduPay Student Cards accounts


  • Signed and stamped payroll services agreement
  • Corporate account with the bank
  • Corporate Internet Banking Agreement
  • Commercial registration (or equivalent in the case of government bodies)
  • Each nominee's identification card duly signed by the holder and stamped
  • Fill-in and return the registration forms:
    • Corporate registration forms
    • Form for nominees/users that are authorized to approve the financial transactions
    • Form for authorities and limits of the "financially authorized" persons
    • Form for nominees/users that do not have financial authorities (makers, checkers and viewers etc.)



Product Risks

To view the risks of Pre-Paid Cards , click here


What is EduPay Student Card Program?

EduPay Student Card Program is an automated system to pay allowances to students directly in their prepaid card account.

How many days does it take to receive the cards?

It takes 5-7 working days from the date on which SAIB receives the required data.

How long is the card valid for?

3 years from the date of issuance.

How much is the ATM cash withdrawal limit for easypay cards?

The cash withdrawal limit for easypay card is SAR 5,000 per day.

How many times can the cardholder withdraw cash from the ATM and what are the fees related to this service?

From the SAIB ATMs, withdrawal is free for all transactions. From other banks ATMs, a fee of SAR 2 will apply from the 5th transaction per month onwards.

How many times can the cardholder request a balance enquiry from the ATM and what are the fees related to this service?

From the SAIB ATMs, balance enquiry is free for all transactions. From other banks ATMs, a fee of SAR 0.8 will apply from the 5th transaction per month onwards.

Can cardholder use the card at any PoS machine in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

Yes, the cardholder can use the card at any POS within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for free and without any limitation to the number of transactions.

Can easypay cardholders use the card outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

No, easypay card is mada branded which can only be used within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

What if there is any issue with the salary transfer?

The university may contact its relationship manager or easypay Call Center on 8001000101. Please note that the easypay Call Center will not process the salary transfer related issues or queries and will direct you to the easypay support team.

If we transfer the funds today, how long will it take to credit the student card account?

The funds will be credited to the student card account as soon as it is processed by the university in Corporate Internet Banking and payment is received by SAIB.

Will the card be blocked if students ID expired?

Yes, the card will be blocked if student ID is expired. Card will be reactivated when university provides SAIB with the new ID.

What if any kind of assistance is needed?

Please, contact SAIB easypay Call Center on 8001000101 or the easypay support team. You can also contact your relationship manager.

What are the services offered by easypay Call Center?

Services offered by easypay Call Center:

  • Issue a replacement card
  • Issue a replacement PIN

What happens if I lose my card or if my card is stolen and how can I request a replacement card?

Directly call easypay Call Center on 8001000101 to stop the card and issue a new card.

What if I forget my PIN?

Please, contact easypay Call Center on 8001000101 to issue a new PIN.

How do I change my PIN?

Through our SAIB ATMs.