Our Sustainability Framework

Our Sustainability Framework

Our Sustainability Framework and Long-Term Sustainability Objectives

The Saudi Investment Bank (“SAIB”) has built a unique sustainability framework that considers the global framework aspects of sustainability and relates them to Islamic values. Overall, these five areas fully capture and expand upon the traditional economic, environmental and social elements of sustainability.



SAIB’s 3 year ambition (2016-2018)

Takleef (Responsibility)

Takleef means to be held responsible. For SAIB, this encompasses responsible banking practices, ethical conduct, and measures that protect our customers and earn their trust.

The top choice for integrity

SAIB will be recognized by customers, investors, employees and the public as the most genuine, integrity-based, values driven and accountable bank in Saudi Arabia.

Nummow (Growth)

Nummow means to ‘give life’ and to ‘grow’. In Arabic, it refers to a positive change. For the SAIB sustainability framework, Nummow represents the bank’s efforts to create economic stability and growth, to build quality, accessible products and services, and to sustainably build on the Bank’s financial performance. Nummow embodies sustainable, accessible and inclusive growth that encompasses the Bank and its stakeholders.

The fastest growing bank

SAIB will be the fastest growing bank in Saudi Arabia as a result of migration of customers from competitor banks to SAIB, due to the unique service offerings and customer experience that is largely attributable to SAIB’s ongoing sustainability-driven innovations. These innovations will be the central showpieces of SAIB’s sustainability efforts, and will demonstrate not only how sustainability can shape the core of a bank, but can also drive its differentiation, top line revenue growth and profitability.

Rea’ya (Workforce)

Re’aya refers to the establishment of strong relationships between one another. It encompasses the Bank’s efforts to engage employees and work as one family to embody inclusiveness and respect, to develop our talents, and to preserve human rights

The most attractive bank to work

Hifth (Environmental Protection)

Hifth describes the sustainable use of natural resources by local communities. It entails the conservation of the environment by the Bank through its lending and investment decisions, and its efforts to limit emissions and waste and reduce consumption of electricity, water, and paper in its direct operations and suppliers.

Achieve breakthrough efficiency

SAIB will build a competitive advantage by embedding environmental management into the bank’s core activities and continuously de-materialize banking. SAIB will be a model of the competitive environmental practices the Saudi government is seeking for the benefit of the Kingdom.

Awn (Helping Others)

Awn means to help, to offer what you can for others. It refers to SAIB’s responsibility to support to local communities. Awn encompasses our Zakat investments, community investment programs, and local procurement.

Significantly increase our impact per riyal invested

SAIB will measure not only the amount of money it invests, but the extent and effectiveness of its impact. SAIB will narrow and focus its investments in areas where it can contribute not just money, but tools and expertise.