SAIB mada Card with atheer Service

SAIB mada Card with atheer Service

SAIB mada Card with atheer Service

SAIB mada Card with atheer Service

It is a service that allows SAIB mada with atheer Service Cardholders to make payments electronically by waving or tapping the card over the POS terminal through the Near Field Communication technology at retailers who support atheer service. A single atheer transaction will have a limit up to 100 SAR and the cardholder will get an SMS alert for each transaction.

The cardholder will be asked to enter the PIN when the cumulative limit reach 300 SAR for security purposes and to reset atheer limit in order to use the service again.


Get your mada card with atheer service

Please visit your nearest SAIB branch to get the mada card with atheer service

Benefits of mada atheer service

mada cardholders with atheer service on their card can benefit from the service as per the following rules:

  • Cardholder is not required to enter their PIN for purchase transactions done through mada atheer service for amounts up to SR 100.
  • When the total cumulative amount of mada atheer transactions reaches SR 300, the cardholder will be requested to insert their card & enter their PIN. This is required for additional security and to reset mada atheer service values in order to use the service again.

Are there any fees for utilizing mada atheer service?

No additional charges for SAIB mada cardholders for using mada atheer service.

Where is mada atheer service available?

It is available at merchant location who accept the service (where the service sticker at cashier counters is displayed).

When cardholder waves his/her card more than once at the POS terminal, is this considered more than one transaction?

The terminal will only accept a payment once in this scenario.

What are the benefits of mada atheer service?

Fast, safe, and convenient payment method for low value purchases.