Enjoy 30% discount
Abdul Ghani Jewelry

Abdul Ghani Jewelry

Abdul Ghani Jewelry


Enjoy 30% discount at Abdul Ghani Jewelry by paying through your SAIB mada Debit Card or Credit card from The Saudi Investment Bank

Abdulghani Heritage Jewelry Be unique of your gift choose, AbdulGhani the Heritage of jewelry is an extension of the story in the world of jewelry, where elegance of design meets the quality of the product and the originality of the name.


Call: 920002265

Terms, Conditions

  • This offer is valid until 31/12/2023.
  • The offer is available only to holders of one of mada Debit Cards or Credit Cards from The Saudi Investment Bank and when use them to make payments
  • This offer becomes null and void if banned from SAIB website
  • Cards used when making payments must be valid
  • Aseel and the participating merchants reserve the right to change or terminate the offer without a prior notice
  • Offers are non-transferable, and cannot be replaced by paid credit or cash or in kind
  • Offers cannot be used with any other promotions or offers unless otherwise stated
  • Aseel Partner must be notified of the discount from The Saudi Investment Bank before paying the bill. If you face any difficulties, please contact the Bank.