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AL-Riyadh Travel & Tourism

AL-Riyadh Travel & Tourism


Enjoy 10% discount on hotels and 5% discount on international text only and 25% on visa non-inclusive Embassy fee by paying using a valid SAIB card.


Head office Tel: 0112927777

Al Rowdah Tel: 0112575555

Ankas Tel: 0112398888

Al Rawabi Tel: 0114929696

Al nafel Tel: 0112868888


Rawdh aquare Tel: 0126915334

Al Qaseim

Buraydh Tel: 0163238383

Aniza Tel: 0163219966


Shamsan street Tel: 0172283083


King Abdulaziz street Tel: 0116222111

Hafer albatin

King Abdulaziz street Tel: 0137254477


Thuqbah square Tel: 0138692581

Terms, Conditions

  • Offer is valid until 31 December 2024.
  • Offer is applicable when paying using a valid SAIB card.
  • Offer cannot be combined with any other offers, vouchers, or promo codes.
  • To avail the offer, it is necessary to request the discount application from the merchant prior to making the payment, and if placing an online order, the designated promo code must be entered on the payment page prior to completing the purchase.
  • SAIB reserves the right to amend / stop campaign offer at any point of time without prior notice. Such amendment /stopping will apply to new customers only who avail the offer post changes if any. However, not all customers who have already availed the offer will be impacted.